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Ryley Kane Psychic & Tarot Readings


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300 Years

The universe has brought you and I together.

With over a thousand clients around the world, 20 years of experience, and a 300 year family lineage of psychics - I've been waiting for you.


i'm a tarot nerd

I have always felt intimately connected to the spiritual and multi-universe since the age of five. In my early 20’s I began doing tarot readings and now it's part of my soul.


There's a misconception that psychics are whimsical and "airy-fairy". I have a deep love for science and it's a critical reason why I do tarot readings and psychic work. The more you appreciate science, the more you realize the universe has an infinite way of observing and feeling. My life is dedicated to exploring the universe around us and inside of us. 


When I was in college, I was a computer science major nerd. I learned to program for the web and have old school training in COBOL - Common Business Oriented Language. I remember doing one of my early tarot readings for a friend who was also a computer major and very LOGICAL.  He didn’t seem like the type that would be interested in tarot readings. When I was done with his reading he was shocked and a forever believer. Whether you are the "logical / analytical" or "touchy feely" type, I see us in the same spirit without judgement.

david bowie & mountains

My love is doing psychic tarot readings for people around the world. The two things that inspire me are David Bowie's music and the mountains that are found on Earth and other planets in the universe.​

let's climb together

Have you ever quit doing something you loved?

"With a heart heavy existential crisis shadowing over me, each psychic reading was draining my energy. I had lost my connection with the universe and myself. Surrounded by mountains that blocked my vision, I abruptly walked away from my love of tarot and psychic work for a few years, only to find myself lost and vulnerable. 

Through death, sorrow, suffering, and random acts of kindness by others, I climbed spiritual mountains that reconnected my life to the universe and you. If you have been kicked down, lost, and lonely, my heart goes out to you. Let's climb together and let me help you find the path towards your calling." Ryley Kane

awaken your spirit

Are you tired of being asleep with your eyes wide open?

Are you ready to wake up and climb those mountains? 

Are you ready to touch the sky with your spirit?

The universe awaits you. 

You are blessed,


Ryley Kane

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